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Kind Of Wood

The earth contains about one trillion tones of Kind of WOOD, which grows at a rate of 10 billion tones per year.

Natural WOOD is divided to two main Kinds of Hardwood and Softwood. These categories are related to the kind of tree.


First WOOD Kind is Hardwood which is coming from dicotyledons trees (usually broad-leaved trees) such as Oak WOOD, Balsa WOOD. And This Kind Of WOOD Is more expensive than Other WOOD Kinds.


Second WOOD Kind is Softwood which is coming from conifers such as Pine WOOD and Cedar WOOD.This Kind Of WOOD Is cheapest than Other WOOD Kinds.  


There are strong relation ship between Properties of WOOD and the Properties of the Particular tree that yielded it.

Addition to the third Kind of Wood but isn't natural but manufacture from WOOD. It calls Engineered WOOD, Composite WOOD, Man-made WOOD, or Manufactured Board such as PlyWOOD, MDF and Laminated Veneer lumber. These Kind of WOOD is Cheapest Kind of WOOD and easy Creation.

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Wood Crafting

Oooooh it is too hard to limit WOOD Crafting . Look arround yourself you will found WOOD USES  in hand tools, Cars and personal daily uses things. 

Have you asked yourself in one day this "What are the Uses of WOOD ?".

The expected answer is "WOOD uses for Woodworking and Construction". But in fact, uses a variety of WOOD USES in large and very noticeable that it is indispensable for the use of WOOD in our daily lives.


Without this natural organic material (WOOD) we cann't  make a lot of products.

So, we will try to clarify the most important crafts of WOOD, which are summarized in several key themes (fuel, construction, arts, furniture, sporting and recreational equipment and medicine).

However there is another question you must ask before USE WOOD " What Kind of WOOD Used For....?".


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Woodworking Tools

Special offers to help our guests specially beginner woodworker to get their the cheapest and best Woodworking Hand Tools such as Saw, carving chisels, wooden mallet, ruler, combination square and Router Bits.



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Wood Properties

Wood Properties divided to Physical and chemistry properties. Wood Properties are effect to Wood Uses For.


Kind of Wood has different Properties than other Wood Kinds. These differences are reason effect to sternness of WOOD and Wood Crafting.

Wood Properties affect and appeared clearly in woods shape.There are strong relation ship between Properties of Wood and the Properties of the Particular tree that yielded it.

WOOD Properites are Growth rings, WOOD Knots, Heartwood and Sapwood, Color, Water Cotent, Structure and Monocot WOOD.

WOOD consists of three components are Cellulose, Five-carbon sugars and the third is Lignin. 


By Knowing WOOD Properties we have make a decision about what Kind of WOOD should be choice for Crafting WOOD Projects

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Woodworking Plans

WOOD WORKING is meaning Wood crafting. Some of WOODWORKING Projects are complex and required professional Woodworkers such as Furniture, wooden stairs and Construction work but some of Woodworking Projects are simple DIY WOODWORKING such as home and garden category, simple furniture pieces, fishing lures, boat, surfboard, surf Paddle, tree house, bird house, dog house, wooden handrail Playhouse, sheds, Plantation shutters, barbecue smoker, Picnic table and  wooden clock. 


 KindOfWood.com are interesting to present a WOODWORKING PLANS providers specially for DIY WOODWORKING .


DIY WOODWORKING Projects are helping you to save money or to learn Wood Crafting hobby or to start WOODWORKING Business from home (as Part Time Job or Full Time job). 

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Woodturning Projects

Woodturning is one of the oldest arts. Wood Carving Products commenly Known as Sculpture. Some Wood Turning Projects is Simple and DIY WOOD Turning Projects for begginer WOOD Carvers. However, Famouse WOOD Carvers Projects are fantastic and comlexed.


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